Undergraduate Courses

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Course No. Course Name Instructor Details
460:103 Planet Earth Glamoclija/Chauhan Syllabus
460:104 Planet Earth Lab Staff Syllabus
460:203 Natural Disasters Gates Syllabus
460:206 Environmental Geology Chauhan Syllabus
460:207 Environmental Geology Lab Staff 460:207 Syllabus
460:215 Environmental Disasters Kustka 460:215 Syllabus
460:225 Introduction to Oceanography Kustka 460:225 Syllabus
460:230 Weather and Climate Gao Syllabus
460:311 Geologic Field Problems Gates Syllabus
460:314 Stratigraphy and Sedimentology Gates 460:314 Syllabus
460:320 Structural Geology Gates 460:320
460:323 Rocks and Minerals Glamoclija Syllabus
460:331 Oceanography Kustka 460:331 Syllabus
460:375 Quantitative Methods in the Geosciences  Slater 460:375 Syllabus
460:400 Introduction to Soil Science Elzinga 460:400 Syllabus
460:401 Introduction to Geochemistry Rouff 460:401 Syllabus
460:406 Applied Geophysics Slater/Keating 460:406 Syllabus
460:427 Hydrogeology Slater 460:427 Syllabus