Student Profiles

Research Interests: Urban education reform and policy, after school programs, college and career readiness, and the influence of health and nutrition on educational achievement
Ryan Coughlan
Research Interests: Urban education reform, progressive schooling, the relationship between schools and communities
Research Interests: Social context of education, urban education policy, adolescent stress and management
Research Interests: Civic engagement, social capital, and collective efficacy in low income communities
Research Interests: Race and culture, the effects of nonstandard dialects and language in the educational setting, immigration issues and identity development
Research Interests: Ways in which K-12 teachers of low-income and minority stuents design opportunities for their students to learn science in preparation for high-stakes exams
Research Interests: Environmental sustainability, international development, and social impact
Dorothy Knauer
Research Interests: Urban education reform and policy, urban school gardens in Newark
Research Insterests: Innovation in public policy, millennial integration, and economic development
Ellen Lieberman
Research Interests: Gendered issues related to women in STEM, living-learning communities
Mary Malyska
Research Interests: Educational ramifications of the digital divide, school-based technology one to one programs
Research Interests: Caribbean immigrants,multiple citizenship policies, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, immigrants and women of color in elected leadership
Research Interests: Providing access to mass learners quality holistic education within the existing budget frame work
Lenore Pearson
Research Interests: Education, health, and opportunity for youth in urban communities
Heather See
Research Interests: Dual immersion programs, cognitive development in biliterate youth, education policy
Marcus Anthony Renee Hanson
Nicole Auffant Robert Igbinovia
Paulette Blowe Taekyun Kim
Ian Bouie Alezandra Melendrez
Thayane Bretas  Kristina Micu
Jennifer Bucalo Rachid Rhazali
Charles Chear  Jessica Smith
Uju Chiemelu Jean Sung
Joya Clark Lamarr Thomas 
James Davy Vania Villanueva 
Gulse Eraydin   
Deirdre Foreman  
Angela Garretson  
Crystal Hamai